Meet Mia Hamacher: Growth and Outreach Director

 Above: Mia Hamacher--Growth and Outreach Director of Camions of Care

Above: Mia Hamacher--Growth and Outreach Director of Camions of Care

Q1: How did you first get involved with Camions of Care?

I have known Nadya for a while, we go to school together and I am close with her family. I participated in a few drives that were going on at my school for care package products, but didn’t get really involved until I joined the Executive team this fall.

Q2: Why did you decide to join the executive team?

I have known about Camions since the organization was founded last year and I thought it was such a good idea. The fact that there are all these women in our local communities, that are lacking the support and ability to have a steady income and access to basic needs, and then to consider that they additionally have to be concerned with their menstrual hygiene, that is really upsetting. Women who already have to consider where they will get their next meal or perhaps if they will have a warm, safe place to sleep tonight, also have to worry about whether or not they will have a tampon next time they need one. Seeing a way to help, via Camions when Nadya invited me to join the executive team, was really exciting.

Q3: What do you do in your spare time? What are you involved in (clubs, extracurriculars, etc.)?

I love to rock climb, I go to climbing gyms pretty often, but every once in awhile I will get a chance to drive out to Smith Rock in central Oregon and outdoor climb, that’s when I’m happiest. I’m also involved with a youth storytelling organization (Cocoon Youth Storytelling) and a youth led mountaineering group (Explorer Post 58), both based in Portland, and serve on the leadership committees of both organizations. I love the interactions a have with the kids who devote their time to youth led organizations, because they are always such driven people. I think teens get a lot of negative assumptions made about them, but they are really the most energized and ambitious age group, and seeing the kids who work with Camions and these other organizations, in action, its really clear that they have disregarded their imposed stereotypes and are working hard for what they believe in. It’s really inspiring to be surrounded by people my age who are already developed into incredible human beings, they are so passionate about their every undertaking, and make me excited for the future of our generations and the improvement we can make upon our world. Outstanding teenagers, that’s what I spend my time on, surrounding myself with outstanding teenagers!

Q4: What is your best memory?

In life? Probably a family gathering at my grandparents house. I have a big extended family and we used to all live really close together. We would often get together for dinner at our grandparents house and everyone would gather in the kitchen to help cook and chat with each other. It was always loud and happy, everything smelled good too. Now people are growing up and going off to college or moving away, we are all busier, we don’t have those gatherings as much anymore, thats something I miss and really cherish though.

Q5: What are you most excited about to accomplish with your position in CoC?

I want to get us connected with everyone who needs the products we have access to. I’ve only been in my position on the executive board for a few months and already have people sending me emails or asking me, "Are you helping *blank group of women in need*?” and I always want to say “No, but I want to be helping them!”. I am excited because my position makes me able to connect our organization with women beyond the shelters we are involved in and spread the goodness of Camions care to every woman who needs us.