4 Unforgettable Quotes From Hannah Brencher

Today I had the honor of attending the 4th Annual She's the First Leadership Summit, and heard Hannah Brencher give her speech titled "I Was Here." Brencher is the founder of More Love Letters, a global organization spreading kindness and changing people's lives when they most need a positive light shed upon them, and the author of the book If You Find This Letter

Throughout her beautiful delivery of her own personal stories as well as some examples of the live her organization has reached, Hannah Brencher made the audience of over 125 high school-college aged attendees of the summit laugh, tear up, and reflect on their own lives. One of the factors of leadership and impact that Hannah highlighted in her speech, was the importance of sharing knowledge to empower others, so I thought I would share with you all four quotes that I wrote down during her speech that really catalyzed inspiration for me. Enjoy!

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1. "Stories are a lamp post or light for where you have been and where someone else could go." 

2. "Sometimes we get consumed with trying to make everything look perfect, that we forget the loving people around us...Look around at the people around you and notice them, what do they need to feel better?"

3. "If we don't face reality, how truthful are we being? You are the launchpad for another person to take off. You have to face that with leadership, one day, you will step away and someone will take over."

4. "We just need to maek sure that we are paying attention to each other. At the end of the day, we all just need to know that 'you're OK, you got up today, so you are OK.'"