PERIOD Service

Distributing menstrual products to people in need.

PERIOD was originally founded by Nadya Okamoto in 2014 with the intention of distributing menstrual products to people in need, such as the people experiencing housing or financial instability. Since then we’ve served over a half million periods through our network of over 400 chapters in all fifty states and direct distribution from our Portland headquarters. Thanks to the generous support of donors such as Proctor & Gamble, Aunt Flow, and Diva Cup, we are often able distribute menstrual products to approved partners in the continental United States for the cost of shipping. Approved Portland partners can pick up products for free at our Portland headquarters.

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We are not currently accepting new service partners for tampons and pads due to limited resources, but please check back here in a month or so, as we will be receiving more inventory and will be adding some new partners at that time. We are continuing to serve existing Portland and national partners.

To receive menstrual hygiene products from PERIOD (disposable pads and tampons or menstrual cups) your organization must be a 501(c)3 organization who serves people in need. We cannot provide menstrual products directly to individuals, schools, or for-profit businesses.

If you’d like to end period poverty, you could start a chapter! Our chapters distribute menstrual products to people in need, change how people think and learn about periods, and advocate for systemic change to make period products freely accessible in shelters, prisons, and schools. When we have adequate inventory, we can ship menstrual products to chapters for the cost of shipping.


Tampons and Pads

We are not able to accept new partners at this time, due to limited inventory. Check back here in a month or so to see if your 501(c)(3) organization can become a partner and order tampons and pads.


Menstrual Cups

If your 501(c)(3) organizations would like to distribute cups to menstruators in need, please apply to be a partner below. You will also need to become certified in Cup and Cloth before ordering cups. (information in the form).


Period Packs

A period pack consists of 9 tampons and 6 pads and serves one menstrual cycle. We are accepting new Portland partners who would like to receive Period Packs (contact