Hailey and Kiya: Collecting for COC

The following are two entries from two young girls whose generosity has blessed Camions of Care with the ability to continue creating care packages and serving women in need. We are so grateful to all of their efforts and are so excited to continue collaborating with them! 

My name is Hailey and I'm 14 years old. I am helping Camions Of Care collect feminine products for homeless women. I made an appeal to the lawyers at my Grandpa's firm; Tonkon Torp. I was just going to ask the female lawyers, but decided to ask everyone. My Grandpa bought products, so I'm sure other guys did too. Thanks to everyone! I'm going to continue collecting and helping at packaging events. It makes me feel really good to be an active contributor to my community.
   -- Hailey S.

Hi, my name is Kiya and I'm going to be in the 6th grade. I have been helping my sister sort feminine products for Camions Of Care.Recently, in school, we had F.L.A.S.H. Studies ( Family Life and Sexual Health) ). My teacher said that we should buy feminine products when we start noticing changes in our bodies, so that we are prepared. Homeless women do not have this option, unless we do something to help. I'm happy I could help; even this smallest bit. I know I have made someone's life better.
     -- Kiya S.