Introducing XO Flo!

Camions of Care’s partner GladRags is introducing a new menstrual cup: XO Flo!

GladRags has been in the business of providing comfortable, sustainable menstrual products since 1993. GladRags will provide 25 reusable pads every month as well as donate 10 XO Flo's starting next month to Camions of Care to be distributed to people in need. Reusable products such as these provide needs menstrual products to people while also staying eco-friendly!

And now GladRags is thrilled to introduce XO Flo, a new menstrual cup designed with comfort, confidence, and capacity in mind. Reusables are becoming more and more popular because they lead to a cost-saving, waste-reducing, more comfortable period. XO Flo appeals to longtime cup users as well as people who are new to reusable menstrual products.

Here’s what to know with XO Flo:
• XO Flo holds 38 ml, more than most menstrual cups (tampons hold 15 ml)
• XO Flo features a soft, beaded stem that is tapered for comfort and can be trimmed or left as-is
• XO Flo features patent-pending inner support rings that help the up open up once inserted and help ensure easy removal
• XO Flo is made in the USA of smooth, flexible medical grade silicone
• XO Flo can be worn up to 12 hours at a time

XO Flo branding and packaging was designed in collaboration with Portland-based Murmur Creative. XO Flo is available for purchase on and will be available in the near future through GladRags retail partners.