Meet Our New Sponsor: Maxim!

On Thursday, April 21, Nadya Okamoto, Executive Director of Camions of Care, wrote to Maxim Hygiene Products, an organic and natural feminine hygiene product company, proposing a partnership. Then, on April 27 , she got a response. Maxim agreed to donate nine “pallets” of bulk tampons -- each pallet contains 12 “cartons” -- each carton has 3000 tampons. In total, this would result in 324,000 tampons! The power and sheer size of this donation is incredibly significant -- with these donations, Camions of Care will be able to distribute products to 40,000 women in need.

What is Maxim and what do they stand for? Maxim is a family-run company founded by Kenneth Alvandi that focuses on producing and providing high quality, natural feminine hygiene products. Maxim produced the first complete line of 100% organic and natural, chlorine-free cotton feminine hygiene products to be sold in the United States. Working with his daughter Rebecca Alvandi, Kenneth was inspired to launch the company in order to ensure that women are informed, clean, and safe when it comes to how they are taking care of themselves and their menstrual periods. His sustainable practices and organic materials aim to promote a combination of good health and a happy earth.

In its mission, Maxim also aims to empower and inspire women of all ages via its “Fierce Women Philosophy.” A fierce woman is an individual who is happy, healthy, and empowered. As Maxim puts it, “A fierce woman is not a bystander in her own life. A fierce woman will use her wisdom, intuition, and imagination to exact change and choice in the world around her.”

This message of giving women the tools to take control of their own health and body resonates. The Camions of Care team is incredibly grateful for this immensely generous donation, which will allow us to connect with tens of thousands of women who may not have access to safe, clean, and healthy supplies for managing their menstrual periods. Every individual, regardless of their socio-economic status, deserves products that are clean and healthy, and thanks to the Maxim donation Camions is gaining valuable momentum for both its local and national initiatives to ensure that this occurs. In addition, all donations to Camions of Care help to encourage and facilitate the values of community service and outreach embodied in our dedicated network of youth volunteers. The Camions team is incredibly excited about this new partnership with Maxim. Thank you Kenneth and the entire Maxim Hygiene Products family for this incredible donation!

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