"The More You Know -- Period" - Andrea Nuno

 26-year-old, Andrea Nuno, created an educational website on why we need to invest in menstrual hygiene.  Check it out here! 

26-year-old, Andrea Nuno, created an educational website on why we need to invest in menstrual hygiene. Check it out here! 

I am 26 years old, and was born and raised in West Covina, California. I began my studies at California State University-Fullerton and graduated with my B.A. in Psychology. Throughout my undergraduate studies I completed an internship with the Child Abuse Prevention Center in Orange and it was there that I had my first experience with Community Outreach. I am now studying to be a Health Educator at Western University of Health Sciences. My passion is to help women thrive in my community, and those surrounding me. My motto is- “When you know better, you do better,” and I am on a mission to teach women about better choices, not only in health but in life!

This website was designed to provide educational materials to women in need on menstrual hygiene management. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Health Sciences, with a focus on health professions education. As I have advanced in my studies and began examining the community our university resides in, Pomona, I uncovered this need of education and materials related to Menstrual Health Management. The movement has grown internationally, but what are we doing for those close to us, in our own backyards? The homeless community of Pomona has grown significantly in the past year, and it goes without saying that the females in the community need resources to properly maintain their menstrual cycles month to month. I created this website to assist facilitators in educating women in their communities.

Camions of Care’s services are vital to communities all over the globe! Supplying education and menstrual resources to women in need will do more than just keep them healthy, it will give them confidence. Confidence in women can go a long way, it helps them gain their drive and purpose in life back!