Welcome, Aunt Flow!

What were you doing at 19? By 19, both Nadya Okamoto and Claire Coder had founded the successful and constantly expanding organizations Camions of Care and Aunt Flow, both centered around menstruation. And now they are teaming up to empower youth voices and encourage everyone to talk openly about menstruation.

Aunt Flow is a company that sells buy-one, give-one subscription box for 100% cotton tampons and pads. Customers can customize an 18-piece box and have it delivered directly to their house. Now, people can donate their give-one boxes to Camions of Care to be distributed to menstruators in need across the globe.

About 16 million menstruators live at or below the poverty line and cannot afford menstrual products as food stamps, WIC, don’t cover them and many places enforce the “luxury tax” which makes them more expensive and inaccessible. Some people will turn to dirty pieces of cloth or even brown paper bags as a substitute which can lead to serious health issues.

In just 5 months, Aunt Flow has over 500 subscribers and donated 15,000+ menstrual goods. In the last two years, Camions of Care has addressed 75,000+ periods and has partners and chapters in over 24 states and 15 countries.

This partnership will improve youth activism and the lives of people in need. We at Camions of Care are very excited for this partnership with Aunt Flow.

If you’re interested in supporting youth advocacy and menstrual activism and also want high-quality, natural menstrual hygiene supplies you can buy Aunt Flow’s buy-one, give-one subscription box here. Remember to select Camions of Care as your beneficiary organization during the checkout process.