Welcoming Margaret to Team PERIOD!

Hi! I’m Margaret, a current undergraduate student at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and I’m going to join the PERIOD team for the summer as a full time staff member directing Marketing and Merchandising, and working on the Period Policy arm of the organization.

I became interested in the Menstrual Movement after I started working with the Compass Center for Women and Families, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, my hometown.

The Compass Center works primarily with victims and survivors of domestic violence, and many of the women we work with are experiencing homeless or risk experiencing homelessness if they leave their abusers. The hardest, but also most important, lesson I have learned there is that sometimes, we can’t fix a person’s whole situation; in fact, we rarely can. Often, all we can do is give them a warm, safe place to sit for the day or provide them with some basic immediate necessity, like period products. To me, addressing periods is a feminist issue -- a fundamental right we need to guarantee in working towards gender equality -- and an issue of basic human justice.

I am so over-the-moon excited to work with PERIOD to fight for menstrual equity and address this most basic need for people. I love that PERIOD both addresses the immediate needs of people with periods by helping them get access to hygiene products and fights the stigma surrounding menstruation, and also works on a systemic level to make long-term sustainable change. Super excited to move to Portland this May and join PERIOD!