Introducing PERIOD's New Book Club!

This month's book "New Blood" by Chris Bobel, focuses on debates central to feminist thought and the challenges to building an inclusive feminist movement. Filled with personal narratives, playful visuals, and original humor, New Blood reveals middle-aged progressives communing in Red Tents, urban punks and artists "culture jamming" commercial menstrual products in their zines and sketch comedy, queer anarchists practicing DIY health care, African American health educators espousing "holistic womb health," and hopeful mothers refusing to pass on the shame to their pubescent daughters. With verve and conviction, Bobel illuminates today's feminism-on-the-ground--indisputably vibrant, contentious, and ever-dynamic.

"New Blood was published 7 years ago based on research conducted during the mid-late 2000s. Much has changed in the menstrual activist landscape since then including the globalization and diversification of the movement. If you were to write an Afterword to New Blood, how you would update the book to best capture the state of menstrual activism today? Happy reading!" -Chris Bobel