Caitlin Macneill

Homebase: Portland, OR

Surprising fact: I used to be a competitive ice skater!

Interests: Dance, poetry, peer-led sex ed

Role model: Dr. Willie Parker

Menstruation revelation: Menstruation should be something that we celebrate and talk about with people of any gender rather than seeing it as something that should be hidden.

Menstruating since: 2012

Caitlin was born in Palo Alto, California and raised in Portland, Oregon. For the majority of her life she has grown up in a household with two moms and a younger sister, which has taught her the importance of being a feminist and standing up for the rights she believes in. When Caitlin was 15 years old one of her parents came out as transgender male. This, although a major change, widened her perspective on gender identity and gave her exposure to the complex biological hygiene needs of the transgender community.

Caitlin is a member of the Catlin Gabel dance/cheer team. She volunteers at an organization called PHFS which strives to provide long-term solutions to family homelessness. Through volunteering here she became more aware of the issues regarding access to menstrual hygiene products. She is also a part of Teen Council for Planned Parenthood which is a peer led sex education program that teaches comprehensive sex education including healthy relationships, STIs/STDs, birth control and much more.

When a position opened to work with Camions of Care, Caitlin saw this as a perfect opportunity with the organization. Caitlin hopes to have an impact on filling the need gap for people and their basic biological hygiene needs. In addition, she hopes to create greater awareness around the issues of menstrual hygiene while reducing the stigma around the topic. She also hopes, through this position, to expand outreach and create more connections with countries and the people in need.