Chapter Set-Up

WELCOME!! We are so happy you’ve decided to join the PERIOD fam and we CANNOT WAIT to see the incredible work you will do! Chapters are not required to have any specific set-up, but we do have some suggestions! Continue to read below for our advice, and some important templates for your chapter use!


Chapter Structure

Every chapter will operate differently based on their focus (service, education, and/or advocacy), and will therefore have different roles to fulfill different needs. However we do recommend that every chapter designates roles that cover a point person for leadership, finances, social media, and events. Note: you can have several people dedicated to each role!

An example structure is:

  • Chapter President

    • Applies to be a chapter, coordinates meetings, distributes tasks, etc.

  • Treasurer

    • Manages fundraising, money, and expenses. Runs the Givelively and coordinates with partners to get product/funds. 

  • Communications

    • Communicates with PERIOD National team, local partners, and other chapters.

    • Run social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) (REQUIRED!) 

  • Event coordinator 

    • Plan packing parties, product drives, tabling events, educational programs, and more. 

You can also choose to have a dedicated person for each of the pillars:

  • Policy Coordinator

  • Education Coordinator

  • Service Coordinator

The positions above do not need to be filled exactly as described; the structure will depend primarily on the number of chapter members, interest and size. Find what works for your chapter, making sure everyone is involved; elections are a great & fair way to decide on roles! However, it is important that during your first meeting you decide which pillar/s (Service, Advocacy, Education) you will focus on, as well as which positions are most necessary and best suited for each chapter member. Make sure to take into account what your chapter’s members interests and strengths are!

Need to update your Chapter Contact information? Please make sure to use the form below!


Chapter Schedule

There are no specific requirements when it comes ‘what you are supposed to do’ each month or semester. Given that this is something that has been asked a lot, we have added an example month below that might be of help if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas or feel lost in terms of how to get the ball rolling!


Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 10.15.11 AM.png

Recruiting & Meetings

Building your chapter is important to provide resources & support for your chapter’s effort, as well as to include those in the area who want to be involved! We understand how recruiting and reaching out may seem daunting; we hope these tips help! Additionally, find some quotes and stories for what worked for other chapters below. 

  1. Utilize social media (especially Instagram)! Remember to post at least 1x per week, to gain traction and get people excited! 

  2. Coordinate with other activist groups in your school or neighborhood (School chapters: go to a club fair & communicate with affinity groups; Community chapters: find a non-profit branch, shelter, or church group) 

  3. Print posters & hang them around the building in which you meet- posters should include a contact, meeting time, and a brief description of the work you’re doing! Find examples & templates below. 

  4. TALK! Talk about PERIOD whenever you get the chance. It’s okay to be nervous! Just remember, the work you’re doing is important and matters- and people will appreciate the opportunity to hear about it!

We suggest you have a chapter meeting ~twice a month. Hold a chapter meeting to update your peers on the work everyone has been doing, and to establish next steps and action items. Use this time to plan events, strategize fundraising, and discuss next steps and news about the menstrual movement.



While there are very few specific things required of PERIOD chapters, there are some things we need you to do in order for the organization to thrive and for The Menstrual Movement to expand! Please keep in mind that PERIOD National works hard every day to support our chapter program, and we always welcome hearing from you; we want to help celebrate your successes, but we only can if we know about them!


Quarterly Survey

The Quarterly Chapter Check-In Survey is the best way for PERIOD National to learn about the incredible work our chapters have been doing, and is MANDATORY!. Knowing periods served, PERIOD talks held, and the activities you’ve been doing over the past quarter is a key way we get sponsorships with menstrual companies, and is crucial to the work PERIOD National does! So, please fill out surveys on time and every time! They really make a difference! 

You will ONLY be able to fill out surveys for the quarter we’re currently in, so if you miss one, please remember to combine numbers from the previous quarter. (for example, if you distributed 500 products in quarter 1, but didn’t fill out the survey until quarter 2, please add that “500” to your quarter 2 answers!) 

When we say that you have to fill it out even when inactive, we mean that you have to fill it in if you have started the chapter but decide to take one semester "off", or are too busy to do PERIOD stuff! However, if you don’t see you chapter’s name, it is simply because you were onboarded after the date of the survey. If you don’t see your name in the drop-down, don’t worry; just make sure you look out for next quarter!

You are required to fill out ALL surveys, even if you’ve been inactive- Surveys are due 2 weeks after they are opened! 

Q1: January - March (Survey due by April 15)

Q2: April - June

Q3: July - September

Q4: October - December

Communications with National

Every week, PERIOD sends newsletters to all of our chapters with important updates, reminders, content, news, articles, and many other exciting new things. Make sure you read these, or let us know if you’re not receiving them! Remember to check SPAM or JUNK mail first!

Most of the communications between National and chapters will happen over our SMS texting service, HUSTLE. You will receive quick updates and reminders from us every now and then, and can always respond to the texts! 

Beyond these texts, please ALWAYS check and respond to your chapter email (required at the start) for longer messages. 

If you: 1) are NOT receiving HUSTLE texts, 2) Have a change of contact or leadership, 3) Want to add more contact points

Fill out the form below!



Our chapters are the core of the organization, and we ask that chapter adhere to PERIOD branding guidelines and rules in everything they do. It is very important that you stay on brand in the emails and letters you write, the graphics you create, and social media content you post. This makes it easy for people to recognize that you are associated with PERIOD and the menstrual movement. Clear branding helps people recognize PERIOD, understand our mission, and present a unified movement.  Staying on brand also makes the work you do more professional and look cohesive with PERIOD. Find the complete branding guidelines here. 

You will soon receive your personal chapter PERIOD logo (if you haven’t already!) This should be the profile picture for ALL social media accounts dedicated to your chapter, and can be used for any chapter-related materials! All advertising, social media, and PERIOD-related announcements should be created along these branding guidelines. Some examples of graphics from fellow chapters are below!

You should add personalized signature below to your chapter email, which you can do under “settings.” It’s important to use this email when reaching out to partners or groups you want to work with, to be professional, and protect your personal contact information.

Make sure to follow these color and font guidelines!

Make sure to follow these color and font guidelines!

Make sure you add this signature to your  PERIOD chapter’s  email!

Make sure you add this signature to your PERIOD chapter’s email!


Social Media

Make sure to follow @periodmovement!

Make sure to follow @periodmovement!

Requirements for Social Media: 

*A requirement for ALL chapters is to send us pictures, and update PERIOD National on your activities: Social Media makes this super easy!*

  1. Instagram: @period.[chaptername]

    1. Make a chapter IG

    2. Make the profile picture your chapter’s logo

    3. Follow @periodmovement (we’ll follow back, of course!) 

    4. Let us know if you aren’t receiving “close friend” stories so we can make sure you’re on our list

      Chapter IG Bio Requirements:

      1. PERIOD @ [Chapter Name] — Full chapter name in bio (i.e. if your handle has an acronym, please spell the whole name out in your bio!)

      2. City, State [City, Country if international chapter]

      3. “We are a chapter of @periodmovement working to end period poverty and stigma through service, education and advocacy.”

      4. *link* 


      •NO @ chapter leaders — have them introduced in a post

      •NO ‘.’ after PERIOD in your name (It is not part of our brand to do this!)

      •Make sure to capitalize PERIOD always!

  2. Facebook

    1. Have at least one chapter member join the PERIOD chapter Facebook - this is a closed group with a TON of information, and the best way to meet fellow chapters!  Invite all your members to join as well!

    2. Make a post introducing yourself & your chapter within one week of being onboarded

    3. Turn on post-notifications in the PERIOD chapter group in order to engage with posts!

      3. Twitter: 

      1. A Twitter is not required, however if you do make one, please follow @periodmovement, and engage with us!

        Social Media Strategy: 

      1. Handles: Chapter social media accounts should look like: @period.[chaptername] 

      2. Use Hashtags! Examples:  

      #student #chapter #university #highschool #school #youth #period #tampon #pad #change #menstrualproducts #youthactivism #activist #activism #resist #reproductiverights #changemaker #feminist #feminism #politics #periodchapter #menstrualmovement #menstrualequity #menstruator #nonmenstruator #periodsinpopculture #menstrualhygiene #periodpoverty #periodproud #periodpower

      1. @periodmovement wants to see what you’re up to! Tag us in your posts. If you haven’t gotten a follow back, been added to the close friends list, or feel we haven’t seen your posts, let us know! We LOVE seeing your pictures- just have a lot of activity on our page! 

      2. Remember: You, as chapters, are the LEADERS of the menstrual movement! As activists, we want you to feel empowered by the work you’re doing, and be able to share it! Social media is an incredible tool for this. 

        1. On Facebook, you can communicate with fellow chapters who are also working toward your goals. Facebook provides a forum to swap ideas, get inspiration, and spread the word about fundraisers, events, and meetings. 

        2. Instagram is definitely PERIOD’s most widely used platform, and for good reason! All good organized Instagrams act as a visual message board for the followers to push them to get involved and most importantly stay involved. You can do that through the mix of photos of events and period-related images or content like graphics or art. This way you are reflecting back to the community! To begin, use a good mix of graphics with information on packing parties, fundraisers, etc. are good as well as photos of chapter members and events to showcase what the chapter is up to. You can also optionally reposting new articles and menstrual art (with proper credit given to the media outlet/artist). Instagram also has many cool features such as a live-streaming platform as well as instagram stories. If you’re doing an event, Instagram Live it! If you’re preparing a campaign on campus, share a flyer and takes a few short videos to post to your story. Make sure to add everything to your highlights as well so people can go back and watch them again. And repost other menstruation related content to your story, if they either tag you or post from the account post.

        3. Twitter is also an important tool for PERIOD. Not only can you retweet from PERIOD’s account, you can also retweet our partners or sponsors messages! This platform is crucial to a lot of our work in terms of fundraising & visibility!

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 2.37.14 PM.jpeg


Because of the high number of PERIOD chapters, and the growth we see every single day, PERIOD National cannot financially support all of our chapters! So, what this means is that you are responsible for fundraising for your chapters, but we are here to help and give you advice, as always! We encourage you to use platforms such as GoFundMe or even Venmo! Keep in mind when National launches a fundraising campaign, you can help us collect donations through Givelively, by clicking the “I want to fundraise for this” button.



Tabling is a great way to receive direct donations you can put to use right away, and doubles as a great way to get exposure and make connections! To table, get permission from your school, or a public space like a farmers market or grocery store parking lot. Then, gather chapter members and set up around a table with large signs and a clear presentation of who you are. 

Why table? Have a clear GOAL!

Tabling is a means of bringing the conversation of menstruation to a larger audience and of promoting openness on the subject. Every conversation with someone new allows us to further eliminate the menstrual stigma. In addition, it brings attention to our cause and mission, as well as the work that PERIOD is doing. Think that many of the people who come up to your table are not going to know anything about PERIOD or what you do or your mission.

  1. You can take direct cash donations and use them for buying menstrual products, supplies for packing parties, merchandise to sell, etc.  Or, if people prefer, they can use GiveLively (see more below) to donate through us. For larger amounts this method is preferable, as they can deduct it on their taxes. 

  2. You can also use tabling as a way to communicate with community members, and spread PERIOD’s message. So, make sure you have flyers, buttons, or stickers with you! It is better to have too many things than too little! 

    1. Red-Table Cloth

    2. Handouts/Flyer that explain what PERIOD is and what YOUR chapter does to serve your community!

    3. An Email List for Individuals to Provide Name & Email -- send follow ups after the event! 

    4. PHOTO OP -- Having a big sign that people can take pictures with is a great and easy way to document your tabling event on your social! 

    5. optional: Stickers, Pins, etc. 

    6. optional: Any menstrual company pamphlets or information handouts -- or informational pamphlets about your partners if you have any

  3. Have an action item for people who come up to your table: this can be a petition to sign, a donation box, an email list, etc. It’s important for people to have something to take with them, add to their phone, or something to remember you by, especially if you’re tabling at a fair where people will be visiting many tables.

  4. Make sure you have something quick and easy to say about what PERIOD is: 

    1. Broad: Our mission (to end period poverty and stigma) and how we do this (service, education, advocacy). 

    2. Specific: Why are you tabling at this event? Why are you involved in PERIOD? Etc 

  5. Debrief

Make sure to talk about your experience with your team! What worked and what didn’t? What could go better next time? 

6. Social Media

Make sure to take lots of pictures of your table, of your props and of the people that went to the tabling event! This will be great to post on social media to spread more awareness about your cause. You can brag about the amount of signatures you got, or if you didn't get as many as you were thinking, you can also say that! (ie: "We were outside the Student Union yesterday for OVER X HOURS and we still haven't gotten to our goal! Thank you to everyone who came to say hello and signed our petition. Now it is your turn! Link in bio!" -- or something along those lines)


Another way to make money and simultaneously spread the word about PERIOD is through selling merchandise! However, you will need to buy product first in order to do this. So, selling might need to come after fundraising! 

  1. You can buy merchandise through PERIOD here using the discount code: K619W3VZQJ

  2. You can sell other PERIOD branded things if approved by  

  3. You can also sell baked goods, food for specific events (like Valentine’s Day chocolates), or hand-crafted goods to raise money. However, make sure that you get approval from your school BEFORE you rely on this form of fundraising.

Local Merchants

Another form of fundraising comes from partnering with local merchants. Some community stores or restaurants will designate a night where they’ll donate a percentage of their sales to your chapter! Make sure to establish yourself before reaching out, and remember: you should use your PERIOD email (with a signature!) or ask in person! Some chapters have partnered with local retailers to hold events in their space. Merchants might also be willing to donate things like food or merch for your events. Please don’t request menstrual products without checking first with national, though, as we don’t want our current or potential sponsors inundated with individual chapter requests.


Helpful Templates