Still have questions? Read below! The chapter portal is a treasure trove of information, but we understand there’s a lot to take in! Refer to the chapter playbook for quick answers, and always know you can reach out to us at PERIOD National for more help.

I would like to help out PERIOD National! Is it possible for me to volunteer remotely?

During the academic year, our volunteer positions require you to spend at least ten hours a week in the PERIOD National office in Portland, OR, although sometimes graphic designers can work remotely. We will also have several full time volunteer positions for next summer in the Portland office. These are more competitive and tough positions to get! Please keep an eye out for openings on our Positions page!

I am not able to have anyone join my PERIOD chapter in my school/community. What can I do to get more people engaged?

We understand that it takes some time to get people on board and engaged in any group or activity. Therefore we do not require chapters to have a minimum amount of members when they start out! You know your community and your school a lot better than we do, so we recommend that you sit down and write down what ways you might think are easiest to reach out to your peers. This can be via social media (student/school Facebook groups), Instagram, putting posters up on billboards, tabling, attending activities fairs, partnering with other organizations (women’s resource center, sororities, fraternities, clubs focused on social justice or activism, etc.) Holding a well advertised community building event, such as a packing party, panel discussion, or documentary screening is a fun way to raise awareness and attract followers.

I want to create PERIOD t-shirts with a logo that I have created myself. Can I do this?

We have brand guidelines that all chapters are supposed to follow and you can find these at the very end of the Chapter Playbook. As long as you are following those guidelines, you can make t-shirts! Many chapters use their own official PERIOD logo to make shirts. If you have any questions, email for approval. 

I have not yet received my chapter logo. When will I get it?

We receive a very large amount of chapter applications every week (so exciting!). Due to this, and the fact that we only have 1 (amazing!) in-house graphic designer, logos can take a while to get to you. Thank you for your patience! If it has been more than 2 weeks since you sent in your MOU, please send a follow up email to

How does chapter distribution work?

Our chapters hold product drives and raise funds to buy menstrual products and establish relationships with non-profit partners in their community to distribute those products. They sometimes combine this with packing parties to build community, and then distribute the products as period packs. See below to figure out which approach is best for your chapter.

Should I have a packing party or distribute supplies in their original packages?

Many of our service partners prefer goods in their original packages, and packing parties take valuable time and resources. So when considering how your chapter can best serve periods through distribution, it is important to ask your service partners in advance how they would like to receive products and respect their wishes. Packing parties are primarily for community building.

How much does it cost for our chapter to receive menstrual products for distribution to our non-profit partners?

For orders under ~3000 individual tampons (200 periods), and ~2000 pads (about 120 periods), we ship donated products to chapters in the continental U.S. for the typical cost of shipping, which is usually less than $1 per period. Check our service page to learn more, and to find the order form. After you’ve paid, product will typically arrive within 3 weeks. Portland area chapters can pick up products for free in our office, but will need to work with the Service Team to coordinate distribution.

Do you ship products outside the continental U.S.?

Unfortunately, we don’t. It is too expensive and too carbon-intensive to ship our donated products outside the continental U.S. (ie: not to Alaska & Hawaii or international locations).

How long does it take to get product from PERIOD National?

We ask that you order product as far in advance as possible, but generally it takes about 3-4 weeks from the time PERIOD National receives the funds for shipping to get product delivered to you.

My service partner needs pads and tampons very urgently-- is there a way I can get product to them sooner?

We don’t have the resources for rush orders, and the cost of shipping by air is prohibitive. If it is less than three weeks before you plan to distribute product, you’ll probably need to purchase products yourself online (tampons and pads) or at a local low-cost store such as Costco. If you have a chapter balance, or a donor who wants to write a large (>$250) check, you can contact, and we may be able to help you order products online. Note that Amazon prices are similar to what you would find at a low-cost store near you.

How can I receive products from PERIOD National?

Check out our Service Page to learn about how to place an order!

How do I find and choose a service partner? What does this mean?

A service partner should be a local organization with whom you can build a relationship with and distribute menstrual products through! Common service partners are food pantries, homeless or transitional living shelters, and free clinics. We recommend looking up nonprofits in your area, choosing a convenient one whose mission resonates with you, and finding their email on their website’s Contact page. From there, utilize our email templates (which you can find in the Service Page) to guide your initial outreach and following communications!