One of the most important things we do here at PERIOD is serve our communities by providing products to those who are in immediate need of them! You as a chapter will do this by fundraising, hosting product drives & other events, and establishing relationships with service partners in your local communities who distribute menstrual products to people in need. Read below for guidance on establishing a relationship with service partners, ordering product, hosting a service event and more!



How to Host a Product Drive!

Setting up the Drive Details

Before you plan a drive, you must find a partnered organization to whom you will distribute the raised product. Once you’ve done this, find a location for your drive (local business, school etc) that is willing to host product bins for the duration of your drive. Establish the WHEN and WHERE (how long will your drive last? Where in the building makes the most sense for the bins to live?)

Advertising & Preparing:

Get the collection bins that will be placed at your site. You can buy large plastic tubs at almost any large grocery store. You can also use large cardboard boxes. Make sure to have the PERIOD logo on them! Attach a poster to the box using staples or tape. It may be helpful to even have a visible counter next to bins, to generate excitement and make keeping track of them easier!

Create a 8.5” x 11” poster to advertise your Product Drive. Include on the poster: WHY people should donate to PERIOD., WHAT kind of products should be donated (pads/tampons/etc.) and also what cannot be accepted (i.e. open boxes if your partner won’t accept them etc), WHERE donated products will be distributed, WHO your chapter is (include school or organization affiliation, Instagram handle, and any other chapter contact info!)! Make sure that all of the information is legible and understandable to everyone.


Host the Drive & Follow-Up:

Check in on the bin(s) regularly and move them to your storage when full. Keep an accurate count of products received--this information is useful both for your chapter and for PERIOD National.

Establish a time for dropping off the product to your partnered organization, and do so in a timely and responsible manner.

Don’t forget to remove the bin when you are done with the product drive. Be sure to make various posts thanking everyone for their donations and efforts!


Service Events

Movie Screening + Product Drive

Screen a movie and have people bring products as admission!

PLAN: Find a SERVICE PARTNER to which you will distribute the raised product. Find a LOCATION where you can show your movie! Pick a movie to watch (Period. End of Sentence is an excellent documentary, but any movie that gets your chapter members excited and aligns with our mission is a great option). Be sure to communicate with your service partner about which products they prefer. Tell your attendees which products you will be accepting as admission. 

ADVERTISE: Spread the word! Make posters for your movie drive, post on social media, etc.

EXECUTE: Have your screening and collect products as admission! Deliver the products to your service partner. 

SHARE: We need to see what you’re up to, so Send photos of your event and a summary of your impact to PERIOD national. 

Note Writing Party

Write notes to your service partners and the menstruators they serve!

PLAN: Ask your SERVICE PARTNER if they would benefit from notes to menstruators. Purchase small thank you cards and envelopes. Find a communal space to host your Thank You Note Writing Party! 

ADVERTISE: Spread the word! Show chapter and community members what you’re doing and how to come help via Instagram and other social media.

EXECUTE: When everyone is there, pass around the materials and give examples of things to write. Be sure the notes follow PERIOD’s language guidelines. Once you’ve written and decorated your notes, distribute them to the service partner along with your raised product. 

SHARE: Send photos of your party to PERIOD national! We need to see what you’re up to. 


Inspire monetary and product donations with a panel of period related speakers!

PLAN: Find speakers to come and talk to your chapter! Ideally, these speakers will volunteer their time. Finding speakers from community organizations and your service partners is ideal. Some interesting panel ideas could menstruator and non-menstruator discussions, service partner interviews, or questioning your teachers and administrators with chapter-generated queries. Once you’ve secured a speaker, decide how you will fundraise. You could have admission cost money -- which you could then use to buy products -- or accept products as admission. If you’re planning on distribution, get in touch with a SERVICE PARTNER. Find a place for your event to be held, and schedule with your speakers. 

ADVERTISE: Spread the word! Show chapter and community members what you’re doing. The great thing about speakers is that they draw many different communities to your event.

EXECUTE: Have your event! Be proud of yourself for engaging your community and successfully linking service and education. 

SHARE: Send photos of your event to PERIOD National! We love to see chapters working in their communities. 

Packing Party

Repackage products into individual Period Packs!

PLAN: Ask your SERVICE PARTNER if they want individual PERIOD Packs (this is crucial!). Some Partners prefer products in original packaging. If your Service Partner does want re-packaged products, ask them what make-up they would like (i.e. All tampons, all pads, a specific mix). Once you have your service partner, find a community event space and pick a date and time. 

PREPARE: Gather your products: chapters can receive products via PERIOD’s service portal, product drives, or by simply buying them with chapter funds. Brown paper bags and a PERIOD Stamp are also recommended, if you are packaging PERIOD Packs. Staples are an excellent way to close bags. 

ADVERTISE: Spread the word! Get your chapter member’s ready to volunteer. Post on social media.

EXECUTE: Have your packing party. Many chapters have success with an assembly line style. Be sure to track your PERIOD Packs for reporting periods served. Deliver your packs to your service partner and thank them!

SHARE: Share pictures on social media and tag @periodmovement! Send photos of your packing party to PERIOD National! We need to see what you’re up to! 

Benefit Concert

Host a concert and accept product as admission!

PLAN: Find a (or more than one) local band or musician who will donate their time to play for your chapter. Book a venue or find a space to host the concert. You may want to reach out to multiple different spaces to find the right fit. Create a fun, engaging, and informative poster! Reach out to your SERVICE PARTNER and ask what specific products they would like. Be sure to pass this information to anyone coming and include it on the poster!

ADVERTISE: Use social media to your advantage: post consistently and have your chapter members repost to their stories, etc.! Also, ask the venue and bands to advertise to their followers. 

EXECUTE: In advance, decorate the venue and set up for the Benefit Concert! As people arrive, accept products as admission and give them a ticket or stamp their hand. Rock out! 

SHARE: Show PERIOD National what you’re up to! Tag us in your posts on social media and email us! 


Product Overview

Once you have found & established a relationship with a service partner, you can start donating and distributing product to them! To do this, you can either hold a product drive, raise funds & purchase the product on your own, or reach out to PERIOD National and we can send you product (you will not need to pay for these products, but you will need to raise enough money for cost of shipping). 

Fill out the Order Product form above to receive products from PERIOD National. Once we have received payment for shipping costs, we will get that shipped out to you within three weeks of the date payment was received. PLEASE make sure you are ordering product from us as far in advance as you can. For example, if you need product by Thanksgiving and you know about it by mid-September, place your product request in September (provided you have the space to store it). Generally, we cannot accommodate orders placed within three weeks of the date they are needed by, so please be as prepared as you can.

To pay for product, you have a few options:

*if you have a chapter balance, you may use this to cover shipping costs, simply indicate that on the ordering form above (if you are uncertain, email us at *if you do not have a chapter balance, you can send payment via PayPal at or mail a physical check to our office at: 1801 NW Upshur St Suite 565, Portland, OR, 97209. 

Please make sure you list these things somewhere regardless of payment method: ← 

“PERIOD @ _____, [point person name], product ordered on [date]” 
Feel free to contact for any questions or concerns.



Working with Partners

It is important that before you host an event, hold a drive, order product etc, that you find a service partner in your local area to distribute the products to. Take a look online or ask around about some local organizations that are in need of donated period products (such as homeless shelters, food pantries, LGBTQI+ resource centers, domestic violence support organizations, free clinics, etc). Some partners prefer product in their original packages and some prefer packs so it’s very important that before you do anything, that you check in with your service partner and find out what will serve their patrons best. Below we have included some basic email templates that should be helpful for various situations regarding communicating with service partners regarding donation coordination!