PERIOD believes it’s never too early to change the conversation around periods. Our school and community chapters are led by fearless and motivated activists who are making a difference for people in need across the United States (and the world!) by fighting to end period poverty and period stigma. And they have a pretty good time doing it.


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We have over 450 registered chapters across the globe that strive to advance PERIOD’s mission of ending period poverty and period stigma, by creating action plans employing our three pillars of service, education, and advocacy. Chapters run educational workshops in their community to reshape the way people think, talk, and learn about periods. They also distribute menstrual products to people in need in their community, and work on changing policy to advance menstrual equity on both the local and the state level.




One of the most important things we do at PERIOD is provide free, safe, and accessible menstrual products to people in need across the nation through our network of PERIOD chapters. Our Chapters fundraise, host product drives, and establish relationships with local service partners such as homeless shelters, free clinics, food pantries, LGBTQI+ resource centers, domestic violence shelters, and other non-profits that distribute products, in order to fulfill the needs of their communities.


A crucial tool for fighting period poverty and stigma is education. By spreading factual information surrounding menstrual health, we are able to debunk myths, encourage people to speak up about their experiences with their period, and help advocate for their own health. We have two educational programs available for chapters to run in their communities. 

PERIOD TALK strives to facilitate conversations around periods and empower menstruators and non-menstruators to advocate for period health. By delving into period health, activism, and self-advocacy, this program helps guide chapters’ first steps in becoming the best PERIOD WARRIOR they can be!

Cup & Cloth is a workshop centered around menstrual equity through the promotion of reusable and sustainable menstrual hygiene products. It covers how to clean and care for your menstrual cup, as well as tools to drive conversation around the intersection between period health and climate change!


We aim to advocate for systemic change through policy and legislation regarding menstrual equity. Reaching out to state representatives, canvassing, and lobbying are all important in making period poverty a mainstream issue and one that our legislators will prioritize. Our Chapters have the opportunity to stand as the face of PERIOD and advocate for legislative change in their respective states by meeting with state representatives. They testify on issues such as free and accessible period products in all school bathrooms, prisons, shelters, etc., as well as ending the Tampon Tax in the remaining 35 states, and work on the local level and meet with school administration to advocate for free period products in their school bathrooms.


The Chapter Portal is a password protected page that includes all of PERIOD’s materials and toolkits made exclusively for our PERIOD Chapters! Once you fill out the application to become a PERIOD Chapter, and go through the onboarding process, you will receive the password to the Portal.