Ignite the Fight to End Period Poverty in Schools!

PERIOD is fighting to end period poverty and the period stigma. We believe that menstrual hygiene is a right, not a privilege -- that every person should be able to discover and reach their full potential, regardless of a natural need. Lack of access to menstrual products can create a barrier to equal opportunity in education -- even causing students with periods to miss or be late to class, or feel anxious about their period care.


Our chapters have been fighting to get period products in their schools and school districts, and we’ve already seen successes in Portland Public SchoolsOhio State UniversityUC DavisTexas A&M Corpus ChristiHarvard, and more! Our local efforts are spreading to universities, schools, and school districts across the country through our network of over 300 chapters.

Earlier this year, we went to the Department of Education to take our fight to end period poverty to the national level. Our United for Access petition, done in partnership with THINX has over 44,000 signatures already. We demand that the Department of Education acknowledge period products as necessities, advocate for policies that support students who menstruate, and make period products free and accessible for all public school restrooms.

Before we can effect systemic change through legislation, we need to better understand the magnitude of this issue. We are asking the Department of Education to commission a study to determine the impact period poverty has on students in the United States. Our Senators and Representatives are sending their own letter to the DOE in support of this study. By joining our campaign on ActionNetwork you can easily take action and encourage your friends to join the fight.

Join our fight to End Period Poverty In Schools!

ACTION 1: Involve your US Senators and Representatives in the fight to end period poverty in schools! Meet with them in person and ask them to sign our letter (see below) or allocate money to end Period Poverty. Or easily send them a letter using our Campaign on ActionNetwork.

ACTION 2: Sign our national petition to the Department of Education if you haven't already! We're almost halfway to our goal of 100,000 signatures. You can quickly email friends and share on social media to broaden your reach.

ACTION 3: Work locally in your community to get period products in schools. Start a chapter (school, community, or individual) to get access to our full policy toolkit, or email taia@period.org for more information on how to get started.

You can also get involved in the menstrual movement by starting a chapter, hosting a packing party, or starting your own fundraising page. (See below).


Letter from U.S. Senators and Representatives:

congress letter.JPG

More Ways for Individuals to Get Involved

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Host a Packing Party!

  • Purchase tampons and pads or hold a product drive in your community.

  • Prepare: get bags, PERIOD stamp & stamp pad, staplers, boxes, and a meeting place. Invite guests with our ActionNetwork platform to make it easy and reach more people.

  • Present PERIOD to your guests.

  • Pack:  assemble the PERIOD packs! 

  • Provide:  Distribute packs to people experiencing homelessness.

  • Post: Share pictures on social media and let us know how it went.

Start a Chapter!

We’ve got over 300 chapters around the United States and across the world. Our chapters do an amazing job at distributing Period Packs to people in need, holding educational workshops, and advocating for policy change, such as Period products in their schools. Many are in schools or universities, but others are started by non-profits serving the homeless or individuals who just want to make a difference in their community. Join today and get access to our toolkits, chapter facebook group, and amazing community of support.

Support Chapters!

If you can’t participate at a site this year, you can set up a fundraising page to help our over 280 chapters carry out the fight to end period poverty and period stigma. They can use these funds to purchase menstrual products from headquarters, hold educational workshops, and support their advocacy efforts.  Read about some of our chapter efforts on our Recent Press Page.


How to Run a Packing Party: Overview

Purchase tampons and pads or hold a product drive in your community.

Prepare: get bags, PERIOD stamp & stamp pad, staplers, boxes, and a meeting place. Invite guests. You can use our ActionNetwork platform to make it easy and reach more people. Bring postcards and stamps to write representatives, if you’d like, or direct people to our campaign page.

Present PERIOD to your guests. Show a video (Maker’s Conference) or give them an overview of The Menstrual Movement.

Pack:  assemble the PERIOD packs!  You can also hold discussions or write postcards to representatives.

Provide:  Distribute packs to a community partner whom you’ve identified in advance who serves people experiencing homelessness or poverty.

Post and Pass on results: Tell us how many periods were served, so we can measure our impact. Post pictures of your event on social media and tag @periodmovement.

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