Join Yale and PERIOD in their fight to end period poverty and period stigma.

Yale alumni and PERIOD are working together this year to provide menstrual products to people in need, educate people to elevate the issues and eliminate taboos, and advocate for policy change to ensure equitable access to period products. Help celebrate the anniversary of co-education of women at Yale and work with your fellow alumni to give back to the community.   For the 2019 Yale Day of Service on May 11th (or any other day!) you can host a packing party or a lobby day.  If you can’t participate at a site you can contact your representatives or raise money to support chapters.

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Host a Packing Party!

Purchase tampons and pads or hold a product drive in your community.

Prepare: get bags, PERIOD stamp & stamp pad, staplers, boxes, and a meeting place.

Present PERIOD to your guests.

Pack:  assemble the PERIOD packs! 

Provide:  Distribute packs to people experiencing homelessness.

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Lobby your Senator!

Organize a lobby day at your state capital or a letter writing campaign.

Tell your U.S. senators to sign the letter to the Department of Education, asking them to address period poverty. Sign the petition yourself.

Tell your state representatives to end the “tampon tax” by exempting menstrual products from discriminatory sales taxes and promote bills which guarantee access. 


Support Chapters!

If you can’t participate at a site this year, you can set up a fundraising page to help our over 280 chapters carry out the fight to end period poverty and period stigma. They can use these funds to purchase menstrual products from headquarters or support their advocacy efforts.  Read about some of our chapter efforts on our Recent Press Page.