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PERIOD. believes that period poverty and stigma are some of the most neglected issues affecting the world today. Our chapters are led by fearless and motivated activists who are fighting to eradicate period poverty and stigma in their communities across the United States and globally. Continue on to find out more about our chapter network, or getting involved in other ways like volunteering with us or participating in our Period Action Day!

You matter to the menstrual movement

Meet Launch Pad

Formerly known as the Chapter Portal, the new Advocacy Launch Pad provides extensive resources to everyone, with corners of safe password protected areas for Chapter members to work directly with each other and our team.

Learn about how to get a chapter up and running with step by step instructions and access to templates and important tools. You can learn more about hosting menstrual health education workshops. You can also learn about how to get involved in the politics behind fighting period poverty.

There is a wealth of information and resources that can be found in the Advocacy Center, so click below to start exploring!

Party in a Box!

Supporting PERIOD. can now be done at home with your friends and family!

House parties are a quick and easy way to raise awareness and much-needed funds for PERIOD. It doesn’t even have to be in your house to be a house party! Have brunch at your favorite restaurant, a picnic at a park, or coffee in your backyard. Invite folks to attend and ask them to bring a box of tampons or pads to donate, tell them about why you care about the work PERIOD. is doing in the community and why eradicating period poverty is important.

Where do I start?
To learn more, please email Development Director, Dara Wilk, at and download the toolkit below!

The Rag

The Rag is back! This publication is an extension of PERIOD. that hopes to provide menstruators and non-menstruators with a platform to contribute to the menstrual movement through personal narratives and essays. Whether you want to share your experience with period poverty, make a call to action, or speak to your experience as a young activist, we are the platform for you!