Louise Blair

Homebase: Portland, OR

Surprising fact: I rope cattle for fun!

Interests: Horseback riding, roping, spending time with friends.

Menstruation revelation: That very few organizations actually help women in need with menstrual hygiene products.

Menstruating since: 2012

Louise Blair has lived in Portland Oregon for her entire life, and has spent much of her childhood exploring the more rural and undeveloped areas of the Pacific Northwest. She is currently a high school junior attending Catlin Gabel School. She is a passionate horseback rider, and spends most of her time at the barn roping cattle on her horse Arthur, and following the horsemanship styles of the Dorrance, Hunt, Brannaman lineage. She also loves spending school breaks in Sun Valley Idaho.

As she grew up, she was always observing her father, an environmentalist, work for change in the world, and has inherited the desire to do the same thing. Louise has found the need to work for the empowerment of women mostly because of her time in conservative, rural towns. During her frequent time in these areas, she always noticed how women do not have the same privileges as men, and are often disregarded as incapable. She is fortunate enough to always have great opportunities both on the ranch where she rides and in everyday life, and feels the need to empower women who don’t have these same privileges.

At the beginning of Louise’s sophomore year of high school, she found another place where women are disregarded by society, with the taboo surrounding menstruation. She started her involvement with PERIOD by joining the Catlin Gabel chapter and going to many packaging events. Now, as the event coordinator, Louise hopes to further the discussion around menstruation, and encourage others to do the same thing.