Margaret Hassel

School: Junior in Economics and Women's and Gender Studies @ University of North Carolina

Interests: weightlifting, vegan food, spreadsheets, chocolate

Words to Live By: "Before you use social media to tell a stranger she is fat, ask yourself instead: 'could my time be better spent lighting myself on fire?'" - Julie Klausner

Surprising fact: I am an experienced goat milker.

Menstruation revelation: I have been passionate about body positivity for a long time, but more recently I realized how menstruation and menstrual pride also matter to body positivity. Any construct that keeps people from loving their bodies, and that portrays female-born bodies as bad, worthy of hatred, or unclean perpetuates misogyny and holds people back from achieving their full potential. Just like many people of all genders spend inordinate amounts of time and money worrying about their appearance, many menstruators spend time and money concealing and managing their period. This barrier has a particular affect on vulnerable populations, who may not have the resources to have periods healthfully. I was looking for an internship in menstrual health, and GladRags referred me to PERIOD, where I now work as Associate Director.

Menstruating since: 2008