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These period panties are absorbent, antibacterial and moisture-wicking to keep you dry during your period. Wear them on their own for 6-8 hours or pair with menstrual products depending on flow. Cute Fruit will donate $3 from every sale of dark purple or lavender undies to PERIOD. 


LOLA menstrual products are made with 100% organic cotton—no synthetics, dyes or toxins. Assortments of tampons, pads and liners can be customized to your monthly needs and delivered to your door via subscription or occasional purchases. LOLA donates products to those in need every time an order is placed. 


RedCycle is a tampon subscription service with a Get One Give One model. For every tampon order placed,RedCycle provides a bag of 36 tampons to those in need. The group works to repeal the tampon tax, shipping tax-free to 49 states. Use the promo code “CARE” for 10% off your monthly subscription. 


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