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NOVEMBER 3, 2018


We will be hosting our first ever national conference in Canada aimed to educate, transform, and break down stigmas associated with menstruation. PERIOD. HUDDLE attendees will be introduced to a series of diverse topics pertaining to Menstrual health led by world class leaders of the menstrual movement.

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You will have the opportunity to attend 2 of the following workshops to learn more about current issues within the Menstrual Movement. Each workshop is 45 minutes. Select which workshops you would like to attend when you purchase your ticket to PERIOD Huddle BC!


Gender-Inclusivity in the Menstrual Movement
An introduction into the perspective of transgender and transexual people who menstruate and the barriers they face and have yet to be addressed. It will look at the social position of gender non-conforming people under a healthcare lens. Current discussions on making space for gender-inclusive menstruation services will take place. 

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Period Taboo
This workshop aims to explore the roots of menstruation taboo in our culture in contrast to other cultures. It will expand on the image of menstruation in society as girls and other menstruators develop, as well as how those images contribute to misconceptions existing today. These misconceptions will be brought to light and deconstructed from a multitude of perspectives.

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Period Economics
This workshop & panel discussion will look into how menstruation affects women and other menstruators socioeconomically, as well as its implications on gender equality. Panelists from the United Way of the Lower Mainland and the labour movement will speak about the challenges that people who menstruate face in accessing products, and about how menstruation affects the lives of workers. Participants will have the opportunity to ask panelists questions in an interactive Q&A session.

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Social Sustainability of Menstrual Health
A view of menstruation education as a tool for social development, locally and internationally. There will be a focus on how education is necessary for consistent positive period health in society, and thus the wellness of women and other menstruators. It will explore the need for macro reform on a sociopolitical level on top of the help given by intervening aid groups.


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Lunapads is a women-owned B Corp making reusable pads and period underwear right here at home in East Vancouver. Our goal? We want periods to be a body-positive experience for everyone, regardless of their body or their flow. We’re deeply committed to sustainability in period care - our products are made with sustainable materials, zero waste, low carbon and patriarchy-free. Find out more at or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

Sustainability is responsible for creating and coordinating many innovative and effective projects on the UBC campus that encourage students to practice environmental and social responsibility. They are also committed to helping UBC students realize their own visions of sustainability related projects by granting them resources through the Sustainability Projects Fund. Thank you for supporting us AMS! Sustainability!




Cass Bliss is a nonbinary trans educator with a passion for the creative. A storyteller at heart, Cass uses art, music, writing, and comics to raise awareness for unique issues facing the trans and nonbinary community, from trans-exclusive sex education and gendered periods to medical transitioning and transphobia. After publishing the first ever period coloring book called “The Adventures of Toni the Tampon” and launching a viral campaign called #BleedingWhileTrans, Cass earned the moniker “The Period Prince” and established themselves as one of the leading experts in trans-inclusive period activism. 



Vanessa Woznow is a Communications Strategist with United Way of the Lower Mainland. She runs improvisation workshops through her small business POSY (Power of Saying Yes) and has been a host of The Storytelling Show on Vancouver Co-op Radio for eight years. She has a Masters of Arts in Political Science and in her spare time she runs ultramarathons and has been known to dabble in stand-up comedy. She loves calling New Wesminster home.