Period Campus Policy

Pushing for systemic change towards equitable access to menstrual hygiene products through providing access to these products on school campuses. Click below to access our full policy toolkit. You can also find a sample template for possible signage to put in restrooms once you have piloted the policy program.

Period Products in YOUR SCHOOL

Community: Find allies. Start petitions.

Cost: Get data for the administration

Convince your school administrators.

Connect Aunt Flow with administrators

Complete: identify the next steps.

Celebrate: get publicity and share results with Period.

Period Products in ALL SCHOOLS

We’re developing our national campaign, but it is still under revision. You will be able to:

Tell your U.S. senators to sign the letter to the Department of Education, asking them to address period poverty. Sign the petition yourself.

Tell your state representatives to end the “tampon tax” by exempting menstrual products from discriminatory sales taxes and promote bills which guarantee access.