The Menstrual Movement is founded upon the belief that it is a fundamental human right to be able to discover and reach one's full potential, regardless of a natural need. This movement is necessary to ensure that menstruators and non-menstruators have equal opportunities to succeed, especially in school. Period-related pain is the leading reason why girls miss school in the US, more than the common cold. It is common for students experiencing menstruation to have to stay at home from school because of a bad cramps or a lack of access to period products, or even miss part of class in order to track down period products and run to the bathroom to use them. WE'RE TRYING TO CHANGE THAT. We believe that all schools should provide period products for free in the restrooms. 


So, your school doesn't provide period products. SMH. We have a toolkit for your chapter to start mobilizing to fight for access to period products. Scroll down for the button to download the toolkit (seen here). We also have Executive Team members who are here to support you in this fight.

Contact to learn more and for access to our COMPLETE CAMPUS POLICY TOOLKIT.

Where do the products come from? 

We are so excited to announce that PERIOD has partnered with Aunt Flow for competitive pricing for quality-menstrual products. Aunt Flow is a woman-owned company that works with hundreds of businesses across the USA to help stock their bathrooms with freely accessible menstrual products. PERIOD suggests and encourages your chapter to work with Aunt Flow to purchase menstrual products for your pilot program. BONUS: Aunt Flow donates 10% back to Period Inc. with every purchase made! 

Program made possible by AUNT FLOW

Program made possible by AUNT FLOW