Portland Volunteer Activities: Event 8/15/19 10-2

For an incoming shipments to our Upshur office (we have one in early September!), this might involve moving new inventory from the loading dock, moving it upstairs to our office with a pallet jack, unloading pallets, and storing items on shelf. For ongoing shipping needs we will have regular events at our warehouse on Water Ave, where we repackage pads and tampons into standard boxes for shipping to our chapters and national customers. Those boxes then need to be transported to our office at Upshur, so you can help with either packing or transporting the filled boxes. Email service@period.org if you are interested in helping with the 8/15 event, or watch here for other opportunities!

Remote Opportunities

Graphic Design support: Graphic design is one function which can be done remotely on a volunteer basis. If you’d like to help PERIOD, we can find great projects for you in creating social media posts, website assets, or print materials for both national headquarters, National Period Day, and chapters.

National Period Day: Check out period.org/nationalperiodday to find out how you can host or support a rally, or get involved in other great advocacy efforts.