Summer Internship Positions in Portland: Filled


General Information: We are no longer accepting applications for Summer 2019. You can fill out the application below, and we will contact you as the need for volunteers arise.

Current Portland needs for ongoing part time volunteers:

All volunteer positions require a commitment of 5-10 hours per week on average. Currently we are looking for people who expect to be available through fall.

  • Development support, primarily data entry.

  • Database expertise: set up systems for maintaining Salesforce database, integrate payment systems to automatically load into Salesforce.

  • Client Service Representatives: work with our service clients to understand and fulfill their needs for menstrual products. Develop partnerships with them in areas such as narrative research. We need two representatives for Portland, one for national service partners, and one for chapters. Meet with service team weekly to coordinate efforts and improve systems.

  • Chapter team: Recruit, support, and engage chapters.  Identify targets (school groups or non-profits with similar agendas) for recruiting, contact them to let them know about PERIOD, and follow up with any support needed.  Improve communication and support for existing chapters through calling chapters and creating resources for chapters such as posters and social media posts. Chapter team starts mid to late June and will have weekly meetings.

Current needs for ongoing part time volunteers (possibly remote):

  • Graphic design: create chapter logos, support social media, create resources for chapters.

  • Website testing and updates.

  • Policy team (chapter members only): Become a policy ambassador, or social media ambassador for #istandforperiods.  Email to contact Anusha and Ameer, our campaign leads. United for Access (chapter members only): Join our team working to get menstrual products in their own school or school districts. Email The policy team will start weekly meetings in mid to late June.

  • Research team: Research policy in your own state or country, create a reference document, and recommend a strategy approach.  Email for details on this crowdsourcing project.

Position Descriptions for Fall 2019 (may change)

Policy Coordinator: Responsible for managing, implementing, and inspiring menstrual equity policy initiatives via our chapter network of high school, university, and community groups. They will work closely with the Programs Director on defining the strategy for local, state, and national policy, setting key milestones for coordinated action, providing training and support, updating toolkits, highlighting chapter policy successes, and building an ongoing social media campaign surrounding campus period policy.

Web Designer: Ensures that PERIOD’s website looks great and allows all visitors to easily find the information they need. Most work is fairly easily accomplished in Squarespace, and just requires basic editing and a great eye for design and clarity.  More advanced skills in HTML or CSS would be highly desirable, and would allow for more creative projects. 

Marketing and Social Media: Supports the development and management of marketing campaigns via social media and email.  May assist team members in developing and disseminating creative content. This position may also involve coordinating with other menstrual movements through social media and collaborate on content, as well as researching movement efforts across the world in order to celebrate other period warrior’s successes.

Development Associate, Grants: Works closely with the Development Director to secure funding for PERIOD by researching grant opportunities, writing grant proposals (with support) and maintaining reference documents with standard information. They must also keep careful records to track the status of upcoming proposals. 

Development Associate, Engagement and Events helps support engagement, planning and execution of events, and donor relations.  Key events include the State of the Period gala in September, and packing parties.  The job involves routine tasks at the events as well as possible volunteer recruitment, working with sponsors, speakers, press, venues and vendors. Database support is also important.


Administrative Assistant: Helps the Executive Director, Managing Director, or President carry out their duties. This may involve scheduling meetings, planning events, creating materials, preparing presentations, responding to email inquiries, formatting documents, doing research, or preparing reports.

Chapter Coordinator: Responsible for coordinating PERIOD’s network of high school, university, and community groups. The chapter associates welcome and train new chapters, develop and maintain the chapter playbook and other training tools, maintain the chapter database, and develop and deliver educational curriculum for chapters to deliver in their workshops (Period Talk and Cup & Cloth).

Service/Operations Associate: Ensures menstrual products go through the supply chain and are delivered, which may involve communicating with corporate sponsors and with our distribution partners in the community to find out their product needs. Manages logistics for receiving in-kind donations and supplies, including inventory, storage and delivery to partners both locally and nationally, as well as to chapters across the nation. Manages and coordinates the Portland drivers. Helps support packing events. NOTE: This is not a summer position. We will be looking for someone to start August 1st and continue indefinitely. It comes with a larger stipend.

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Start a Chapter!

Our chapters do an amazing job at distributing Period Packs to people in need, holding educational workshops, and advocating for policy change, such as Period products in their schools


Become a Client Service Reprsentative

Develop relationships with our with our service partners and help them get menstrual products to people in need.